Beauty has nothing to do with prettiness, but takes us back to a state of Paradise.
What the camera offers does not often live up to this ideal.
For this reason,
I interpret, organize, associate, to make this reality emerge.

Reality changes and depends on our perception. The eye, sensitive to comparison, is subject to viewpoints, time, culture.
Some photographs stand alone. The Garden, Lecaron Houses, Master Stroke, are built on a network of internal interconnections, which relegates them to a solitary existence. Other, more sociable works, come together in polyptychs and engage in dialog. Watchmen pairs up for color diptychs, while the black and white versions are already formed from two juxtaposed images. Tarot is a complete deck of 78 cards.
Connates, Moons, Invented Landscapes have been constructed on the principle of syncopated panoramas. Small Gardens and Le Val include
polyptychs and single works in each series.

Beauty requires special attention to be revealed. When it appears, we are captivated
and new ways of understanding open before us.